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Beach of dinard Les Mots Bleus of the Family Houses In Brittany & in Provence

" Les Mots Bleus " are those that are said with the eyes, those that make people happy.

These moments of family vacations or escapades for two could also have made Michel Jonaz sing "Vacances au bord de la mer".

This childhood on the shores of this Emerald Water is ours. Gathering around the same table after a day of building sand castles, playing cards when the weather was bad, going for an ice cream on the beach after dinner: this is what made us happy.

Our apartments and vacation homes have been furnished and decorated to allow our guests to enjoy every moment of their stay. Our vision of hospitality? Accommodations that combine the best in terms of bedding, sanitary equipment and facilities, but also the authenticity of decorations and objects found or witnessed in our childhood.

In Dinard, you will take the boat to Saint-Malo, you will walk the 7,5 km of the Chemin des Douaniers, you will build dams on the Prieuré beach, you will eat a sausage cake on the market and you will dream of your next transatlantic sailing trip (or a simple nap on a deckchair!).

In Saint-Lunaire, your children will catch their first wave in the surf, a few years later they will have their first outing at the Chaumière, you will meet your friends every year at the Yacht Club or at the tennis court. Who knows, maybe you'll take up golf!

In Valbonne, you just have to let yourself be lulled by the song of the cicadas, the clarity of the rosé, the walks in Mougins or in the old village of Valbonne. It is time that stops, the softness of the south, so close and so far from the effervescence of the French Riviera.

Welcome to our home,

Welcome to your home,

Marie, Franck, Jean-Baptiste, Pierre-Yves and Delphine